Why UK Fashion Manufacturing Is Proving Valuable To The Online Market

With the significant shift to online shopping in recent years, UK fashion manufacturing is showing its worth in the changing industry. In the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this shift. This means that industry giants are failing and ultimately shutting down through their inability to modernise effectively.

The Changing Needs Of Online Brands

Amidst this rapid changing landscape of consumerism, the demand and buying needs of brands has also altered dramatically. The traditional big brick-and-mortar shops buyers would order 1000s of pieces to disperse across their multiple shops and repeat as necessary. When it comes to online fashion brands, they work in a very different way.

In a fast moving, trend-led market, online brands want to hold as little stock as possible to minimise risk. This means that even the bigger names opt for trial orders of only 300-500 pieces for their one online channel. Consequently, many long-standing Far-East, Turkish and North African factories can’t supply as a cost-effective option for their manufacturing capabilities. If they do offer to make such a small quantity, it is likely that production will incur a surcharge. Therefore, with these charges, the price of UK production doesn’t differ hugely to offshore options. Plus, UK factories enable your brand to try styles with a much faster lead time.

Why UK Fashion Manufacturing Is Needed

This is where UK production is proving how it can benefit the changing face of the fashion industry. The UK fashion manufacturing industry is able to offer speed to market unlike any other. It’s factories like our own that are proving their worth as a critical option to support the needs of the online fashion market. By producing items quickly to keep the cycle of newness that is essential for online success. We are the best option when it comes to producing small quantity orders at a faster rate, reducing risk and capitalising on successes of brand bestsellers. 

At MILC, we are able to produce trial orders of 300+ that works for the business model of online fashion. In our many years working as a factory, we have worked with large online retailers and shown how efficiently we could work to their targets. In addition to this, through our sister company Ventura Clothing Ltd we are able to source fabrics and trims for you to offer a fully factored garment.

MILC Case Study:

We worked with an online retail giant to produce a bestselling dress. 

The brand we worked with firstly wanted to work with us on a trial order, to try out a style they had come to us with. The dress ended up being a huge sell-out success online, seeing a strong reaction instantly, which lead to the brand repeating their order with us a few days later. From that point we received a rolling repeat order of 2000 pieces every 2-3 weeks, that continually sold out online. 

Working with a UK factory such as MILC enabled the brand to offer a constant supply of restock to eager customers, minimising disappointment and maximising profits. This turnaround would be unattainable with a factory outside of the UK, with a nearshore European factory unable to fulfil full order of this size in the time and quality we did. This continued for two years where we produced quantities with a consistent and quality speed to market.

Why UK Production Is The Better Choice

A factor to be considered with UK production is the higher cost per item. However, the rate in which we can repeat and deliver orders for sale far outweighs the smaller margins. The speed to market we are able to offer means we significantly increase the quantities available to sell versus European nearshore options. Options that would add an extra two weeks to lead times, potentially losing the interest of customers predicted to buy a restocked item. We enable your manufacturing to maintain a consistent chain of production, to ensure newness and speed to market for your online brand.

In the past few years, our factory has been able to grow through this method of manufacturing, with the shift in focus to smaller repeat orders from online brands. On top of this, during the coronavirus pandemic, UK fashion manufacturing has been able to further display its worth. This is through continuing production through lockdowns in covid safe environments – hitting deadlines and targets with a fast and transparent supply chain.

At the MILC factory, we want to underline our importance in the changing world of fashion. The past twelve months have changed the industry irrevocably, and support of UK production is the next step in creating a certain future for fashion in Britain and online. If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities, contact us on info@milcfactory.co.uk.

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