About Us

At MILC we have an experienced team of sample machinists to cut, make and trim, enabling us to offer meticulous and reliable work to our customers. Some of which include the biggest names in the UK high street and online fashion world, such as Arcadia, ASOS and Urban Outfitters – to name a few.

MILC Factory is a UK based clothing manufacturer with over 8 years of experience within the industry. We are proud to be leading the way for UK manufacturing, offering some of the highest standards of local ethical clothing production.

We are located in North London, conveniently placed to work closely together with our clients through the design and development stages through to final delivery. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, to give assurances and to ensure quality meets the standards of every brand we work with.

We are committed to responsible business practices, and we place transparency and ethical trading as a priority within our business. On top of this, we are proud to have Fast Forward and SEDEX approval, certified with 2-Pillar semi-announced SMETA audit and Fast Forward approved for the past three years, graded as amber.

While ensuring this high-standard, we also appreciate the dynamic nature of the UK retail industry. An industry that has been changing rapidly over the past few years. Here at MILC, we believe that consistency, high quality, and a fast turnaround are fundamental to the success of our customers and the industry as a whole. Given this, we accommodate the entire cycle of small-run and repeat orders, whilst ensuring our customers are involved and informed throughout the process.

With over 20 machinists, our capacity is currently 5000 units per week depending on garment style, with a lead time of 3-4 weeks. At the MILC Factory, we ensure that our production is flexible to suit the needs of our customer. We try our best to ensure we meet the demands of the fast fashion market with low costs and fast turnaround, while also producing high quality products for premium fashion brands.

We are constantly updating our machinery and technology, to make sure that we are always ahead of the curve and at the forefront of manufacturing solutions. We are currently expanding our factory floor to increase capacity and shorten lead time to ensure we offer the best service we possibly can. 

We produce any style of clothing, from tailored garments including jackets and blazers to simple styles such as camisole tops, working with woven and stretch or jersey fabrics.

The MILC Factory paired with its sister company ​Ventura Clothing and Ventura Turkey Ltd work together to create a unique hub to help customers stride ahead of other brands within the industry in a competitive manner.