What makes MILC Factory Different from other manufacturers?


We are unique as a UK manufacturer in the fact that we have the ability to help you to source fabrics and trims. Many UK manufacturers require you provide them with the final fabric. At MILC Factory, we are able to find you the perfect materials for your garment in our sister company Ventura Clothing’s library of 1000s of fabrics across the UK, Turkey and Far-East


We understand that all customers have different needs and targets. That’s why we are able to offer the most flexible way of manufacturing across our network links to give you the best option for the garment you want.


We have a team of over 20 highly skilled machinists to aid you on every step of production. We are constantly updating our machinery and technology, to make sure that we are always ahead of the curve and at the forefront of manufacturing solutions.


We believe that ethical production is essential within the UK fashion industry, and ensure that all our machinists and staff are fairly paid and well looked after. We are a fully audited and SEDEX approved factory as well as Fast Forward audit. 


We believe communication is key in creating the perfect final product with no issues in between. We endeavour to ensure that our customers are involved and informed throughout the production to ensure a smooth process.